Mel B is an unparalleled talent in the field of dance and entertainment, with over 17 years of experience in all aspects of the industry.


Whether it be directing some of the largest national dance competitions in the world, performing in front of literally hundreds of thousands of people alongside the biggest celebrities at the highest levels of the music industry, or teaching workshops to kids and professionals in countries across the globe, one thing is clear: Mel B truly exemplifies the meaning of versatility.


‚ÄčWith exceptional and extensive training in almost all styles of dance, Mel's fortes as a dancer extend from classical pointe and ballet, all the way to the grimiest styles of hip hop.  Possibly most astonishing about Melia as a dancer/performer is that she can be caught enpointe behind celebrity Kanye West or doing modern and contemporary for Cirque Du Soleil this week- and the very next week throwing down next to hip hop pioneers and legends such as Ludacris or Keyshia Cole. Her strengths as a teacher and choreographer lie in jazz, contemporary/modern, lyrical, musical theatre, and hip hop. Mel's competition choreography for studios around the country have taken first overall, Platinum, and choreography awards at nearly every major competition in the circuit. Melia's intensives provide students with the insight they need into the professional dance industry, as well as the fundmentals and necessities imperative to developing into the strongest and most well-rounded dancer/performer and to success in a highly competitive atmosphere.  Mel's teaching abilites also extend not only to advanced dancers, but to beginner and intermediate dancers, and especially with regards to artistic development for musicians and singers.  You can also find Mel choreographing for artists such as Wayne Brady, and T- Boz of TLC! Mel has choreographed commercially for companies such as Suave and Oscar Meyer, including one of the first and largest national flash mobs in the country! For inquiries on master classes, choreography, artistic development, or direction, please visit 

dancer. teacher. choreographer. director.

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